Gun Demanding: The Psychology of Why People Want Firearms

Even with the existence of the gun control act, and the growing numbers of the mass shooting in the United States, still, most of the people are not ready to give up their guns. Instead, more and more people are wanting to possess firearms ad handguns. 

 Clearly, a lot of people have now purchased different kinds of handgun such as a pistol build kit. This permission is provided by the second amendment. Citizens who are allowed to purchase and possess firearms like shotgun need to be a least 18 years while owning handguns necessitate the person to be at least 21 years old.  


Although providing them rights does not mean that people are necessitated to own a gun. However, still statistics would show you that amid the mass shooting and increasing crimes in the United States, people are not ready to lose their firearms and handguns. The following explains why: 


1.For protection 

Humans as we are, it is normal that have a sense of self-preservation and we sometimes like to anticipate worst-case scenarios.  


While most gun owners tend to have guns for protection, there is no denying that guns were given and provided to juvenile offenders are used to create crimes.  


2.The person is feeling insecurity, paranoia, and anger 

Some people are feeling small, and weak without something that protects them like guns. In fact, many owners admit that they feel bare and underachieving without their guns. And unfortunately owning a gun makes them feel they have power and this lets them overcome emotions like paranoia and insecurity. The problem comes when people begin to realize that most people in the United States own guns, and this gives them a psychological need to have a bigger, more powerful gun, again, for protection.  


3.Pressures from culture and society 

There is no question that most people purchase different technology and materials because they see their environment having them. For instance, people buy iPhones because they see their family, friends, and people in social media having one. When a person is exposed to an environment that normalizes owning a gun, making it almost a necessity, this influences how a person sees a gun in their lives.  


Also, guns are considered to be a status symbol, and owning them can provide reverence especially to those who do not own any firearm and handgun. Even though a lot of people say that possessing a gun is actually for the purpose of protection, there are also still individuals who hoard and collect guns and firearms, forfeiting the purpose of owning a firearm.  



Another reason why people want to own a gun is for recreation. Hunting and target shooting are two of the popular recreational activities in the United States. This contributes to the number of people wanting to purchase and own a gun. Hobbies require equipment, after all.  


There are numerous reasons why people still want to own their gun amid the growing number of a mass shooting and the gun control act.  


Overall, aside from being equipped for a hobby, people are getting distrustful with their environment and community, thus they need something to protect them.